New GNOME.Asia Summit website launched

Dear all,

I've been told I should post more about the stuff we're doing for GNOME.Asia Summit here so here a humble attempt.

We have pushed the updated website last night at 3am (luckily, since we had no Internet the whole day today) and everyone can view it at .

The work has been made possible thanks to the acquisition of 2 regional sponsors (regional as in Asian based) covering the commercial template (which we have slightly adapted) and the shiny brand new VPS (the site was previously hosted by one of the member of the GNOME.Asia team).

All in all the preparation has been rather succesful from sponsors support to speakers attending. I'd like to thank everyone for making the trip to Bangalore for the GNOME 3.0 hackfest and the conference and the support from everyone we've contacted as well (some who can't make it).

Of course we'll blog in more details very soon but in the meantime we thought we could share the news here. If you spot any typo or browser compatibility issue (the trucks @ the bottom don't work in chrome - known issue) please do let us know.

Thanks to help us promote the event as well.


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