About GNOME, Support GNOME

Hi all,

I've been working on the content for the new gnome.org site recently.
There are a couple of pages that I would appreciate feedback on: About
GNOME [1] and Support GNOME [2]. Both are early drafts.

About About GNOME: it's a new version of an existing page [3]. I wanted
it to be a statement of values and identity. There are phrases in there
that I would like to reuse in other marketing materials, such as the 3.0
release notes and press release.

About Support GNOME: we don't currently have this, but it seems pretty
essential to me. I'm sure there are plenty of items that I've missed.
Tell me what!



[1] http://wptest.gnome.org/about/
[2] http://wptest.gnome.org/support-gnome/
[3] http://www.gnome.org/about/

Blog: http://afaikblog.wordpress.com/
IRC: aday on irc.gnome.org

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