Re: [guadec-list] Dates & format for Desktop Summit 2011 announced


> 1. Conflicts with the schedule for GNOME 3.2 (feature, API, docs are @
> Aug 15, UI one week later). Basically the proposed freezes are right
> after the desktop summit. There is not much that we can do regarding
> scheduling GNOME as GUADEC has consistently been later and later in the
> year.
> We need a shorter release cycle for GNOME 3.2 (release date is proposed
> for Sep 28), so not sure what can be done. Generally there is almost no
> development activity during GUADEC.
> Note that above dates are still not final.

Well, the desktop-summit dates were basically depending on the vanue. As
the german summer-break starts later than in most other countries the
university isn't available at other times. Might be useful to change the
release cycle dates a bit if possible.

> 2. Conference start on a Saturday is I think unusual for GUADEC? I
> thought it always was a weekday. Not sure if everything can be ready in
> such a short timeframe.

We had a long discussion that basically broke down to the KDE people
wanting to start on Saturday and the GNOME people prefering a week-day.
There are pros and cons for both so we finally settled on the timetable we
have now. It might be better explained in the meeting minutes.


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