Re: Dates & format for Desktop Summit 2011 announced


Dave Neary wrote:
> Three things are worth singing out to GUADEC attendees as significant
> differences from previous events.
> First, the conference will be held later than usual, on 6-12 August.


> Second is the conference format.


> Third, following a lot of feedback after Gran Canaria, the desktop
> summit will have one papers committee made up of people from GNOME and
> KDE this year.


> This the Free Desktop Conference - it seems like a natural place for
> people from Xorg, and desktop applications to gather and
> address common problems.


Just wanted to say I'm glad that there seems to be no
opposition/criticism of these core issues. The call for content for the
Desktop Summit will open in February, and hopefully we will be able to
start announcing sponsors and keynote speakers very soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Berlin!


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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