Re: Dates & format for Desktop Summit 2011 announced

El dl 11 de 10 de 2010 a les 09:56 +0200, en/na Dave Neary va escriure:
> Hi,
> Dave Neary wrote:
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> > Three things are worth singing out to GUADEC attendees as significant
> > differences from previous events.
> > 
> > First, the conference will be held later than usual, on 6-12 August.
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> > Second is the conference format.
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> > Third, following a lot of feedback after Gran Canaria, the desktop
> > summit will have one papers committee made up of people from GNOME and
> > KDE this year.
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> > This the Free Desktop Conference - it seems like a natural place for
> > people from Xorg, and desktop applications to gather and
> > address common problems.
> <snip>
> Just wanted to say I'm glad that there seems to be no
> opposition/criticism of these core issues. The call for content for the
> Desktop Summit will open in February, and hopefully we will be able to
> start announcing sponsors and keynote speakers very soon.
> Looking forward to seeing you all in Berlin!


So criticism was expected? I understood as a set-in-stone decision :)

Just from an organizational PoV: having the core days in the first day
(aka August 2nd) with the joint conference (so ~1000 attendees) I think
it's a terrible idea!
This year's GUADEC with the two pre-conference days were wonderful in
terms or setting everything up, not just the registration desk per-se,
but the network, the signaling, getting all the volunteers around and up
to speed ...

So in short, one day as registration/pre-conference/hackfest/BoF day it
should be a must for all conferences that everyone expects to run

Just my 5 cents and 5 years behind the info-desk (as a pleasure!)


> Cheers,
> Dave.

gil forcada

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