Re: Meeting Minutes Published - September 16, 2010

Em Seg, 2010-10-11 às 08:28 -0600, Stormy Peters escreveu:
> Hi Jonh,
> Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that not only is it more
> expensive to fly from some parts of the world but that it also means
> that it's a bigger burden for the individual. Especially when they are
> coming from a country with a lower cost of living too. So we worded it
> poorly in the minutes. We didn't mean to imply that some people need
> more justification but rather that if something stands out, we might
> need more information. For example, we would understand $1,000+
> airfare if we knew you were coming from Brazil to Europe.


> A question, have you actually gotten this feedback or do you just feel
> like you might? I understand that it does not feel good either way, I
> am just curious as to the magnitude of the problem.

No, no. It didn't happen. I just read the text and felt bad about that.

> And for what it's worth, I don't think the cost breakdown needs to be
> on the public wiki. I think the travel committee needs it but they
> keep a lot of other information private. Perhaps you could suggest a
> process change to the travel committee, travel-committee gnome org?

Will do it.

Thanks for the clarification,
Jonh Wendell

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