Re: Meeting Minutes Published - September 16, 2010

Em Seg, 2010-09-27 às 22:07 -0500, Brian Cameron escreveu:
> Minutes for Meeting of September 16th, 2010

>      * Sponsorship proposal process
>            o ACTION: Stormy to update the hackfest wiki pages to make it
>              clear that The GNOME Foundation needs detailed information
>              about expenses included with proposals if they are asking
>              for GNOME Foundation sponsorship.
>                  + Goals for attending: For example, why the sponsored
>                    travelers need to be there?
>                  + Goals for event.
>                  + Costs, broken down to the level of who is traveling
>                    from where. Particularly expensive travel costs
>                    should be justified. If, for example, on traveler is
>                    considerably more expensive than the others, there
>                    should be some clear justification.
>                  + Potential sponsorship and income.
>                  + Provide a write up after the event?

Hi, board. I particularly find this item a bit intimidating. I, for one,
living in Brazil, have my costs more expensive than anyone else for the
DevTools Hackfest. I'm considering dropping my name from the list[1],
just because I'm not comfortable in having to answer questions like:
"Hey, you are much more expensive than others, why do you deserve to

Jonh Wendell

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