Re: Meeting Minutes Published - September 16, 2010

Hi Jonh,

Thanks for the feedback.  We (and the Travel Committee) more than understand that certain parts of the world cost more than others for travel, so please don't let that influence you.

The discussion below is more about hackfests at a higher level - some proposals we get are sometimes a bit light on the details - by the time we go back and forth with the hackfest organizer(s) a lot of time can pass - if we can create the template below we're hoping to streamline the process to both set expectations of the detail needed as well as hopefully speed things up.


On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 7:52 AM, Jonh Wendell <jwendell gnome org> wrote:
Em Seg, 2010-09-27 às 22:07 -0500, Brian Cameron escreveu:
> Minutes for Meeting of September 16th, 2010

>      * Sponsorship proposal process
>            o ACTION: Stormy to update the hackfest wiki pages to make it
>              clear that The GNOME Foundation needs detailed information
>              about expenses included with proposals if they are asking
>              for GNOME Foundation sponsorship.
>                  + Goals for attending: For example, why the sponsored
>                    travelers need to be there?
>                  + Goals for event.
>                  + Costs, broken down to the level of who is traveling
>                    from where. Particularly expensive travel costs
>                    should be justified. If, for example, on traveler is
>                    considerably more expensive than the others, there
>                    should be some clear justification.
>                  + Potential sponsorship and income.
>                  + Provide a write up after the event?

Hi, board. I particularly find this item a bit intimidating. I, for one,
living in Brazil, have my costs more expensive than anyone else for the
DevTools Hackfest. I'm considering dropping my name from the list[1],
just because I'm not comfortable in having to answer questions like:
"Hey, you are much more expensive than others, why do you deserve to

Jonh Wendell

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