Re: question for candidates


To advance to the goal of freedom for software users, we need to
develop good free software, and we need to teach people to value and
demand the freedom that free software offers them.  We need to advance
at the practical level and at the philosophical level.

GNOME is good free software, and thus contributes at the practical
level.  How will candidates use the user community's awareness of
GNOME to contribute to educating the communityn about freedom?

Free software is a core value of the GNOME Foundation, and over the
past few years I have worked directly with you on several occasions
to improve how the GNOME Foundation presents itself as a part of
the free software community.

The GNOME community has many resources for reaching out to the public,
but these are maintained by hundreds of volunteers who are unfortunately
sometimes not always focused on communicating the message of free
software.  Fortunately, there are a core group of free software lovers
in the GNOME community who review things and push for the message of
free software to be more front and center, where it belongs, and I
consider myself part of this team.  I am sure that I miss
opportunities as I am human, but fortunately I am not the only person
on the lookout for more ways to educate people and focus people's
attention about the benefits of free software.


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