Re: question for candidates

On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 17:03 -0400, Richard Stallman wrote:
> Here is a question for the candidates.
> To advance to the goal of freedom for software users, we need to
> develop good free software, and we need to teach people to value and
> demand the freedom that free software offers them.  We need to advance
> at the practical level and at the philosophical level.
> GNOME is good free software, and thus contributes at the practical
> level.  How will candidates use the user community's awareness of
> GNOME to contribute to educating the communityn about freedom?

Hi Richard, thanks for the question.

GNOME's focus on freedom, including its mission in being accessible to
everyone as free software, is a core philosophy in the GNOME community.

With GNOME 3.0 coming this fall, it gives us a unique opportunity to
continue to educate the community's awareness about free software as we
will probably have greater access to the press and journalists as GNOME
3.0 is a newsworthy story.  (We saw this a bit already starting last
year with a number of interviews happening, I think there were 2 with
Vincent that come to mind).

On a personal level, I started giving presentations about GNOME 3.0 and
whats coming late last year at Ohio Linux Fest and others and I hope to
continue to do that this year.  Part of the opening to my talk is
specifically about GNOME's mission in being free software and talking
about what that means to the community.


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