Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

    > A. Try to make GNOME better in practical ways too.
    > B. Teach him to appreciate freedom, so he will recognize that the
    > proprietary programs are inherently inferior ethically.

    however, point B is pretty much like saying that instead of coming up
    with Copyleft you should have run for congress and change the whole
    Intelectual Property policy for the US.

I wouldn't want to change the "whole intellectual property policy".
"Intellectual property" includes a dozen different laws; most of them
have nothing to do with making software proprietary, so why would the
free software movement want to change them?

Any time you use the term "intellectual property" you are making a
very broad statement, probably not wise, so it is better not to use
that term.  See for

Since copyleft is a way of using copyright law, perhaps "copyright
law" is what you meant to say.  With that change, your statement would
begin to be coherent.  However, I think it is not correct.

To change copyright law for software, or to change the DMCA which
imposes censorship on free software, would only be possible after
building a large and strong free software movement.  In other words,
changing laws cannot be the first step, because first we need to
convince a large number of people to value and demand freedom.

This reinforces my point that we need to get to work on teaching
people to value and demand freedom.  Fortunately, that is something we
can do now, and we have been doing it for 26 years.

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