Re: New GNOME Foundation Members


Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> Okay, that's easy to solve.
> We just make it a requirement for becoming a foundation member. And we
> document this requirement on the live pages and in a welcome mail.
> If they don't introduce themselves, we just unmember them a few days
> later.
> I'm guessing the foundation board can make a decision about this?  It
> doesn't sound to me like something we need to do a vote on ;)

Just to point out that the process for becoming a foundation member is
already quite intimidating - one has to ask, suggest people who can give
"references", give reasons why one is worthy to join the club, and often
wait weeks or months for any reaction. Often the reaction is "your
references haven't gotten back to us". We also don't hear about the
people who hear back "sorry, you haven't proven yourself yet, try again

People joining the foundation have already included a lot of information
in their application - Ruben's suggestion that that be included in the
welcome mail is a reasonable one.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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