Re: New GNOME Foundation Members

On Fri, 12 Feb 2010, Bruno Boaventura wrote:

> We'll do it next time. Sorry about forget this.
> An alternative is change the announce mail to request the information
> from new members.
> What do you think?

yes, I agree with this. We just can't enforce someone to send an intro 
mail to the list, but we can just say it's highly recommended to do 
it. (changing the announce mail script would be a nice fix)

Also we can't remove someone's membership just because an intro did 
not get sent to the list. We just need to remember that every 
Foundation Member contributed to GNOME in a substantial way and 
therefore I would absolutely disagree on removing his membership just 
for this.

That said, we are setting up a meeting for the Membership Committee 
really soon and we will take care of having this issue fixed.

Any suggestion is welcome in the meantime.



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