Re: New GNOME Foundation Members

On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 10:31 -0300, Bruno Boaventura wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to present the new members:
> - Bradley M. Kuhn
> - Holger Berndt
> - Jim Evins
> - Joanmarie Diggs
> - Juan Jose Marin Martinez
> - Scott Balneaves
> If your name is on the list above, you're welcome!!! Feel embraced!
> Being part of GNOME Foundation you're contributing more with GNOME.
> If you aren't on the list, and you are close of one of them, please
> say "Welcome to GNOME Foundation" and embrace them.
> At your service,
> GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

Dear membership committee,

Could you at least include a small description of these people when
sending out these announcements (it's part of the application,
copy-paste!)? I'd love to welcome them and collaborate with those that
work in related areas, but unfortunately I don't know all of them.

I've been bringing this point up since GUADEC 2008 in Istanbul and I
still haven't seen any response to it. It's a two minute effort, but it
would make the integration of new members so much nicer.

Is this possible please, or will I have to complain about this again in
six months?

Lovingly yours (I truly appreciate the work you guys do),

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