Re: Found another bug in the budget 2009

>> You might also want to check the "Wages and Travel" sheet. I think
>> Payroll taxes and Concrete goals are costs. So they should be
>> negative. Let's hope I'm wrong here because that would mean around
>> 8600$ more cost
> That is $8600 more cost. It's what I estimated for US payroll taxes.  (There
> are other things that will balance it out now - for example, my travel will
> not be $20K this year.)

I corrected that and pushed a new version to the foundation web

>> Can you also elaborate on what the "Discretionary bonus" and the
>> "Concrete goals" are? Furthermore for what was the 1750$ Discretionary
>> bonus payed?
> I have goals and get a quarterly performance review and bonus based on
> performance. Perhaps those should be shared publicly.

I believe it's important to be as transparent as possible in a non
profit organisation. So yes I think these goals should be public.  In
that case we can even help you achieve the goals ;-)

So if the "Concrete Goals" are your quarterly bonuses what is the "Extra Budget"

> A couple of notes on the budget.
> Starting next fiscal year (which starts Oct 1st) we'll be doing the budget
> by the fiscal year.
> Starting next fiscal year, Rosanna will be doing the budget in gnucash.
> (Which is where we currently keep all of our actual information.) Hopefully
> we'll also have figured out how to easily take out the confidential
> information by then too so we can just share that.

That would be good.


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