Found another bug in the budget 2009

Hi Stormy,

I was making the budget spreadsheet a bit less error prone by using
named cells and found another bug.

If you look at the "Corporate Contributions" sheet the total for
programs in 22K$ on the "Programs" sheet it's 35K$

I notice the following differences
1) Canonical: 2K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and
0K on the "Programs" sheet
2) Intel: 5K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 15K
on the "Programs" sheet
3) Mozilla 0K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 5K
on the "Programs" sheet

Let's hope you made the right bug because that would mean 15K$ extra
in the budget ;-) If you give me the right numbers I can upload the
new version to the foundation web.

I've uploaded my slightly beautified version and less error prone (due
to named cells) version to
Instead of referring to a cell with 'Charges'.I4  you can just refer
to it as for instance ActualWages. Furthermore if with the drop
downbox you see next to the formula bar (where you normally see the
cell number (e.g. A5) ) you select ActualWages it jumps immediately to
the sheet where it is defined



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