Re: Found another bug in the budget 2009


You might also want to check the "Wages and Travel" sheet. I think
Payroll taxes and Concrete goals are costs. So they should be
negative. Let's hope I'm wrong here because that would mean around
8600$ more cost

Can you also elaborate on what the "Discretionary bonus" and the
"Concrete goals" are? Furthermore for what was the 1750$ Discretionary
bonus payed?


On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 08:35, Jaap A. Haitsma<jaap haitsma org> wrote:
> Hi Stormy,
> I was making the budget spreadsheet a bit less error prone by using
> named cells and found another bug.
> If you look at the "Corporate Contributions" sheet the total for
> programs in 22K$ on the "Programs" sheet it's 35K$
> I notice the following differences
> 1) Canonical: 2K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and
> 0K on the "Programs" sheet
> 2) Intel: 5K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 15K
> on the "Programs" sheet
> 3) Mozilla 0K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 5K
> on the "Programs" sheet
> Let's hope you made the right bug because that would mean 15K$ extra
> in the budget ;-) If you give me the right numbers I can upload the
> new version to the foundation web.
> I've uploaded my slightly beautified version and less error prone (due
> to named cells) version to
> Instead of referring to a cell with 'Charges'.I4  you can just refer
> to it as for instance ActualWages. Furthermore if with the drop
> downbox you see next to the formula bar (where you normally see the
> cell number (e.g. A5) ) you select ActualWages it jumps immediately to
> the sheet where it is defined
> Jaap
> --
> blog:


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