Re: Found another bug in the budget 2009

Thanks, Jaap.

I asked several people to review it prior to sending. I appreciate you taking the time to walk through it and check all the calculations.

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 1:04 AM, Jaap A. Haitsma <jaap haitsma org> wrote:

You might also want to check the "Wages and Travel" sheet. I think
Payroll taxes and Concrete goals are costs. So they should be
negative. Let's hope I'm wrong here because that would mean around
8600$ more cost

That is $8600 more cost. It's what I estimated for US payroll taxes.  (There are other things that will balance it out now - for example, my travel will not be $20K this year.)

Can you also elaborate on what the "Discretionary bonus" and the
"Concrete goals" are? Furthermore for what was the 1750$ Discretionary
bonus payed?
I have goals and get a quarterly performance review and bonus based on performance. Perhaps those should be shared publicly.

A couple of notes on the budget.
  • Starting next fiscal year (which starts Oct 1st) we'll be doing the budget by the fiscal year.
  • Starting next fiscal year, Rosanna will be doing the budget in gnucash. (Which is where we currently keep all of our actual information.) Hopefully we'll also have figured out how to easily take out the confidential information by then too so we can just share that.



On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 08:35, Jaap A. Haitsma<jaap haitsma org> wrote:
> Hi Stormy,
> I was making the budget spreadsheet a bit less error prone by using
> named cells and found another bug.
> If you look at the "Corporate Contributions" sheet the total for
> programs in 22K$ on the "Programs" sheet it's 35K$
> I notice the following differences
> 1) Canonical: 2K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and
> 0K on the "Programs" sheet
> 2) Intel: 5K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 15K
> on the "Programs" sheet
> 3) Mozilla 0K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 5K
> on the "Programs" sheet
> Let's hope you made the right bug because that would mean 15K$ extra
> in the budget ;-) If you give me the right numbers I can upload the
> new version to the foundation web.
> I've uploaded my slightly beautified version and less error prone (due
> to named cells) version to
> Instead of referring to a cell with 'Charges'.I4  you can just refer
> to it as for instance ActualWages. Furthermore if with the drop
> downbox you see next to the formula bar (where you normally see the
> cell number (e.g. A5) ) you select ActualWages it jumps immediately to
> the sheet where it is defined
> Jaap
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> blog:


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