Re: Found another bug in the budget 2009

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 12:35 AM, Jaap A. Haitsma <jaap haitsma org> wrote:
Hi Stormy,

I was making the budget spreadsheet a bit less error prone by using
named cells and found another bug.

If you look at the "Corporate Contributions" sheet the total for
programs in 22K$ on the "Programs" sheet it's 35K$

I notice the following differences
1) Canonical: 2K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and
0K on the "Programs" sheet
2) Intel: 5K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 15K
on the "Programs" sheet
3) Mozilla 0K for Programs on  "Corporate Contributions" sheet and 5K
on the "Programs" sheet

I don't believe the program column on the corporate contributions sheet and the programs sheet were necessarily tracking the same thing. At least things like a usability study were never added to the programs sheet.

This is what I've been meaning to redo for a while ... I think we should have a tab for each program, especially programs where the money is earmarked for a specific purpose and needs to be kept just for that. We can also have a tab just for annual donations or any general purpose donations. Then we can have a tab that summarizes all the corporate contributions by company so we can see it all in one place.

I'm not sure if gnucash will take care of all this for us or not, but in the meantime we can do it in the spreadsheet ...

As for the specifics. Intel gave us $30K for the year. They agreed $10K was a general purpose donation but they wanted some say over how the other $20K was used - so for example, with their agreement, we used some of it to sponsor the Documentation hackfest. But we have the $30K.

Google gave us $5K towards a sys admin and committed to the Summer of Code funding. (In addition to the annual $10K.)

Most of the others (above the annual dues) are not collected yet and were more of an estimate of what they thought they'd do, not a firm commitment so I didn't roll them all up into the total. (Companies do their budget planning in the fall, so we provided them with an estimate of all the things we'd be asking for over the year. However, they declined to pay in advance and since all companies are cutting budgets, I don't think we can count on that money until we see it. Another reason premium and bundled sponsorships would be good.)



Let's hope you made the right bug because that would mean 15K$ extra
in the budget ;-) If you give me the right numbers I can upload the
new version to the foundation web.

I've uploaded my slightly beautified version and less error prone (due
to named cells) version to
Instead of referring to a cell with 'Charges'.I4  you can just refer
to it as for instance ActualWages. Furthermore if with the drop
downbox you see next to the formula bar (where you normally see the
cell number (e.g. A5) ) you select ActualWages it jumps immediately to
the sheet where it is defined



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