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Dave Neary a écrit :

> I believe that these people should have a group that they can turn to,
> argue their points, and ask for that group to do something about it.

Doing something about it, doesn't necessarily mean going the police route.
Things are not that simple.

Funnily, this is a trend we see in our society as a whole. Whenever something
is perceived to malfunction, some people want to hit other people with big
sticks. Straight. You don't even know if the punishment you are asking for won't
fragment the community even more or will cause more damage in general.

Things are not that simple.

I am not saying everything is OK, or that we shouldn't try to come up with a
better way to interact etc. There are some people who get on my nerves in the
community, you know, like everyone else :) I don't go to #gnome-hackers anymore
because it's too noisy, etc. But I don't think the brutal and primitive police
route is better either. We are not mere dogs. We can think better. I hope.

The solution ? honestly I don't know. There are some "problem domains" that are
complicated to grasp. We ought to sit down a little bit and think thoroughly
instead of taking premature shortcuts that will cost us more than actually doing

> It may be to publicly shame people for antisocial behaviour.

This is IMO brutal, primitive, and I am not even sure it would solve the issue.
How do you know if it won't backfire ? I mean, you can indirectly kill someone
because you made him look bad publicly. Do you have studies proving that on the
long run, taking such actions won't actually "cost" more to our community than
doing nothing ?

I (as an organization) would not take the risk to publicly shame people if I am
not *sure* about the long term outcome of it. As a physical person though, it
might be another business :)

> It may be to tell the complainer that they're making a big deal about nothing. But right now
> if you are being driven away from GNOME forums or from the GNOME project
> in general, you have no-where to turn.

Well, I disagree. You can talk/write about it, for instance. That is an
advantage we have, compared to real life where you are voiceless if you don't
have access to big newspapers or TV channels. See, that's an area we can think
about improving/empowering for instance.

Proposing to hit people in the head each time a complainer has a problem is not
necessarily what is going to save him. It'll maybe give him a serotonin shoot,
but well, he can as well use some chemical substances for that.

There are certainly cases where we do need the police. But please, let's not
artificially make those cases too frequent.

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Dodji Seketeli
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