Re: What do you think of the foundation?

Stormy Peters <stormy.peters <at>> writes:

> I too have found the GNOME community to be extremely welcoming. I got met at 
> my first GUADEC in 2001 with "You're a girl!" from a very excited woman 
> manning the registration desk.But I can't ignore the fact that people are 
> leaving our community or being quiet, because they don't like the type of 
> interaction that happens. Especially when I can see several interactions that 
> don't meet our own agreed upon Standards of Conduct.
I have a problem here. I am not sure I have a clear idea of what "type of
interaction" is causing these issues. In fact, the only case where I can
pinpoint the issues people had related to sacred parts of the human anatomy and
led to our releases not having codenames anymore. Could you (or anyone) give me
some examples about what people complained?

I also have no idea what people in- and outside the GNOME community expect. Do
they expect what I call an American business-style environment, where every
image link that shows naked legs is annotated "NSFW" or is it ok to talk like I
do with friends when meeting them in a pub?

I feel that we are trying to police without understanding the issue. At least
all the people that said something about it in this thread, said that they feel
fine in the community. Noone sounded like he had any real clue about what the
problem was.

Myself, I'd prefer if the community was less well-behaved and emotionless.
Emotions include excitement, commitment and identification, and GNOME certainly
needs more of that.


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