Re: Subject: One other question for the candidates

RMS asks:

> What do you think GNOME should do to support the broader cause of
> free/libre software, and the freedom of computer users?

Aside from providing and promoting a free desktop stack, I think it is
important to promote free desktop standards.  I would like to see
closer ties between the GNOME and FSF communities, more discussion
and consideration towards our clearly common goals.


So, I've detailed my vision, with two major changes:
- include foundation members in the daily running of the foundation by having the majority of board business happen in the open on foundation-list, including having the working version of the accounts in a publicly accessible place, posting draft minutes straight after meetings, rather than going through the 2/3 day review period we've had in the past, posting agendas for meetings to foundation-list, and using foundation-list as the main board mailing list, only going to board-list for board-confidential issues.

+1.  As I stated before, I am interested in being an officer in the
next term.  I said I would like to be secretary or treasurer, but would
prefer to be secretary.  I would like to be responsible for ensuring
that board meeting minutes are done in a more timely fashion and the
bulk of discussions are handled in a public way on the foundation
mailing list.

- the foundation, through the board, should be empowered and committed to maintaining a friendly and productive working environment

I think this is reasonable, though I think we need to flesh out what
this means beyond the existing Code of Conduct at


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