Re: Vote to fork Gnome.

If we summarize the whole thread without the emotional heat and the
sensationalism, we are currently discussing :

- Should planet GNOME speak about GNOME only or should it be about
GNOME contributors.
side question : should we change the rules to remove old contributors ?

Which can be translated as : "Should we keep Planet GNOME as it is or make
it a GNOME only news feed?".

That's all. There's nothing else to see.

Richard, as a GNOME member, suggested that we forbid any mention of
proprietary software on planet GNOME. It looks like this suggestion will
not be followed as there's not enough support for it.

Philip, as a GNOME member, suggested that GNOME should quit GNU. It looks
like it was more a reaction to Richard's message. Anyway, it was out of the
context of this thread. It looks like his suggestion will not be followed
as there's no support for it.

There was other noise but it's mostly irrelevant to the original subject
and/or are emotional reactions to the two suggestions cited above (I
include my own replies in this category). Links given by Dave are only
sensationalism that are almost as relevant to the subject that an article
of The Sun is about general relativity in the LHC.

If you intend to post on this thread, re-read your answer before posting
and ask yourself : do I answer "Should we keep Planet GNOME as it is or
make it a GNOME only news feed?". If not, please refrain from posting. Even
if it's very interesting. 

There's nothing bad about having strong feelings and emotional reactions.
We all have that. But now, it's time to stop the emotional flow and put
some rational thinking in the game.

Thanks in advance in behalf on my inbox,


On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:14:16 +0100, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
> Handy Gandy wrote:
>> I know that I have no credibility to make such suggestions
> Good of you to realise that.
> That's 2 new misinformed members mailing the members list this morning.
>  In case people wonder where these people are coming from, we have been
> slashdotted, and Varghesed, since this thread broke on Friday:
> Thom on OSNews picked it up:
> and at some stage the story became "GNOME decides to split from GNU":
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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