Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership (Summary)

It seems that a better idea is to consider the Planet not part of GNOME.  That way GNOME does not have to deal with whatever is in the planet, like slashdot does not control and is not responsible for the messages by its posters.

GNOME controls the official web page content.  This planet is not part of that.

Easier for everyone.

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> wrote:
Hi all,

It's quite obvious that the original thread ended up branching into
several separate topics. I thought it would be useful to summarize
some of the key points on each topic in an attempt to bring a more
practical perspective to the whole discussion.

This is not an official message from the Board. It's just me trying to
make some sense out of the tons of messages in the thread and, maybe,
bring a more useful (or at least more clear) "closure" to the
discussed topics.

-- The original topic: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

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