Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership


Richard Stallman wrote:
> Stormy, we seem to be miscommunicating.  I said that people should not
> promote non-free software on Planet GNOME.
> But GNOME is part
> of the GNU Project, and it ought to support the free software
> movement.  The most minimal support for the free software movement is
> to refrain from going directly against it; that is, to avoid
> presenting proprietary software as legitimate.
> I think Planet GNOME should have a rule to this effect.  There are
> many ways to implement such a rule, of which "block the whole blog" is
> about the toughest one we might consider.  I'd suggest rather to try a
> mild approach; I'm sure that can do the job.

To put this discussion in perspective, the question does not come up
very often (if at all).

The last case I can think of where a proprietary piece of software got
substantial attention on pgo was the release of the free ($0) VMWare
client 3 years ago I think?

Aside from that, proprietary software is mentioned all the time, but I
would not consider mentioning (say) that Adobe Acrobat Reader is using
GTK+ on Linux is promoting Adobe - if anything, it's promoting GNOME.

The "problem" is restricted to sporadic mentions of new releases of
proprietary software using substantial components of the GNOME platform,
developed by people who are members of the GNOME community. As you say
in the last paragraph above, a mild case by case approach is more than
sufficient to handle the problem.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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