Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

On 12/11/09 9:32 AM, "Behdad Esfahbod" <behdad behdad org> wrote:
> Quick procedural note: If you really want to pursue this, according to the
> bylaws you need support of 5% of the membership IIRC to put something to vote.
>   I'm not sure the vote would be binding though.

Is there anything in the bylaws as to how this support might be collected
and demonstrated? If not, I doubt _anything_ will ever get put to a vote...

In any event, it's entirely unclear to me what the actual meaning of such a
vote might be, beyond "Stop trying to dictate what people can and can't post
on Planet GNOME. Please." Perhaps it would be enough to simply say that.

> I thought I point that out since that's your rights as members of the
> foundation.  That said, I agree with Dave.

I don't disagree with any particular thing that Dave said, but as I've
pointed out, I'm not the one who brought up this demand for prior restraint
on the Planet. I find Planet GNOME to be just fine the way it is, and I
suspect most readers who have mastered a degree of critical thinking and
some facility in the use of a scroll bar probably feel similarly.

I don't think anyone--with the possible exception of Mr.
Stallman--subscribes to the notion that the GNOME Foundation approves of,
endorses, or supports every posting syndicated to Planet GNOME. Nor have I
noticed conspicuous calls on Planet for this sort of "rule" to address a
looming threat posed by the inappropriately unfree.

I certainly encourage the FSF to set up their very own planet, run it as
they see fit, and exclude whomever and whatever they please: they can feel
entirely at liberty to start with me. There seems, as well, to be a nice
starting list of "traitors" and "enemies" available already, including the
originator of Planet GNOME...

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