Re: Budget and plans (2010)


In employee expenses, I see that Stormy is paid $8,000 per month, with a
discretionary bonus of $1,500 per quarter. Last year she also received a
substantial "annual goal-related bonus", IIRC - I don't see this in the
budget, though. Could you explain how the bonus figure for 2008-09 was
arrived at, and give an idea of how much that bonus might be, if the
budget happens as planned, in 2010?

I will be taking care of making this information available shortly.

In the past fiscal year, there was a huge concern about whether the
GNOME Foundation was financially sustainable.  The GNOME Foundation
budget was starting to drain savings.  So, a fairly large portion
of her bonus was based on fund raising.  Today, the GNOME Foundation
finances are in a much more healthy state.  The time spent by Stormy to
negotiate with advisory board members regarding the recent announcement
to double the advisory board fees was, I am sure you can imagine,
delicate and time consuming, for example.

Before I send out this report, Stormy and I are working to create a
proposed list of CEO goals for the next year.  Since our finances are
in better shape now, it makes sense to refocus the CEO goals and bonus structure on other, more community-oriented, tasks. Working with the
community to define next years goals and bonus structure will be more
transparent and help to put the GNOME community in a better position to
drive how the GNOME Foundation operates.

Once we have the proposal together, Stormy and I will start a
discussion.  Hopefully in the next week or so.

Thanks for keeping us honest,


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