Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

Le mer. 09 déc. 2009 à 14:45:55 (+0100), Philip Van Hoof a écrit:
> This is nonsense. The planet-gnome slogan is:
> Planet GNOME is __ a window into the world, work and lives __ of GNOME
> hackers and contributors.
> This is what made the planet a successful project, initiated by Jeff
> Waugh (who you propose for removal ^).

The way I understand what Frédéric said is, there is an (yet another
one?) interesting question not answered by the p.g.o slogan. "What does the
planet maintainers do with people who stop being involved in the project".

Sometimes people who are not anymore active in a project declare
clearly that they are no longer willing to be involved because of x,y,z
reason. That's the easy situation. But what happens when nothing is said?
Maybe this question is worth examining. I think it's a tough question
because it hard to not make it become an emotionnal topic.
In any case, if the answer is "People who were once involved keep their
related attributes ad vitam eternam", we must say it clearly to avoid this

> If you want to fundamentally change the planet, why don't you start your
> own planet and convince the world that yours is better?

To me, saying this is just like saying "go die elsewhere, I don't want to
listen to you". I don't think trying to fix what mostly works already is
necessarily fundamentally a "bad" thing. Nobody is asking you to agree, but
it can be interesting nonetheless to let people expose their opinion
without asking them to shut up, basically.


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