Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

On 12/09/2009 01:47 PM, Dodji Seketeli wrote:
> The way I understand what Frédéric said is, there is an (yet another
> one?) interesting question not answered by the p.g.o slogan. "What does the
> planet maintainers do with people who stop being involved in the project".
> Sometimes people who are not anymore active in a project declare
> clearly that they are no longer willing to be involved because of x,y,z
> reason. That's the easy situation. But what happens when nothing is said?

So, I'm still syndicated on Monologue even though I haven't blogged
anything about Mono since July 2006. I wouldn't care if they kicked me
off, but I've never felt compelled to actually figure out how to make
that happen on my own.

Assuming there are other people who behave like that, it's entirely
possible that if we just sent mail to everyone on PGO once a year saying
"Hi, you're on PGO, we just want to make sure you still want to be. If
you don't want to be there any more, just let us know" that this would
get rid of some of the extra-crufty people.

-- Dan

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