Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

I don't agree at all with the current direction of the discussion. For me,
pgo is about people.

Yes, I'm interested to learn that Nat will soon get married. Yes, I'm
interested to hear about Mandriva on Frédéric's posts because I don't use
it at all but at least I keep an eye on it thanks to his blog. Even the
mono-bashism of Miguel is sometimes interesting : it allows me to know what
is happening when I want to know. I like to practise my Dutch by reading
Reinout's post and to see if UTF-8 works correctly when seeing Indian's

I'm happy to meet a fellow GNOME developer at FOSDEM and saying : "So, you
like Karaté/Running/Vegan Cooking ?".

I know some planets that choose to have a "code of conduct" about what
should be posted or not (like planet Ubuntu-f or They
all ended by not selecting the people on a quality basis but selecting
posts that "respect the subject of the planet". It results in very-low
quality planet, not interesting and, more importantly, without any soul,
any spirit.

Planet.gnome has a spirit. There's something (called it "soul" if you
want). Don't break it. Remember planet.climate-change joke? That was huge
and enjoyable.

My solution is the following : 

- Each GNOME member should be able to add his feed to pgo. He might want
to change his feed whenever he wants to take a more specialized one or not.

- Each year, a mail is sent to those member asking if they want to stay on
pgo and if they consider themselves still on-topic.

But don't clean whiter than white. There's always off-topic stuffs or
stuff you don't want to read. Just don't read them. Richard don't want to
read stuffs about Mono? I understand, it's his choice and I respect it.
He's not forced to read them. GNOME is about people. Sometimes, people are
doing other stuffs than free software coding (aren't you?). When I'm at
work, I often talk with co-worker about sports, about what I will eat
tonight. When I go to #gnome-hackers, often the discussion is completely
off-topic. Last night, on #gtg, I discussed about chocolates with someone
arguing that there's good chocolate in Italy (can you believe that?). It
was fun. I'm in GNOME because it's fun. GNOME is fun. PGO is fun.

Please, please, please, keep the fun. World is collapsing? It's doing that
for 2.000.000 years already! So, keep the fun…


On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:27:43 +0100, Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>
> Le 08/12/2009 16:08, sankarshan a écrit :
>> 2009/12/8 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin<pierre-luc pierlux com>:
>>> On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 03:23 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>>> But I find it interesting to know, say, what Miguel is up to these
>>>> days. I don't think it's just me...
>>> I don't believe Frederic was pointing at Miguel.  There are people who
>>> have left the Gnome community working on products that don't use any
>>> Gnome technology posting blog post/ads for said product on PGO.
>> [0] Unless specific names are pointed out to the Board or, on this
>> list, the shadow boxing will be more harmful
> So, let's start (this is list done quickly by me and I haven't contacted

> anybody from it), as basis:
> - Robert Love
> - Christopher Blizzard
> - Miguel De Icaza
> - Nat Friedman
> - Daniel Veillard
> - Edd Dumbill
> - Glynn Foster
> - James Henstridge
> - Jeff Waugh
> - Mark McLoughlin
> - Scott James Remnant
>> [1] How does one define that they have "left the GNOME community" ?
> this list is based on people either no longer blogging at all or not 
> blogging about GNOME and not being active in GNOME. I don't have any 
> problem about people who blogs about non-political oriented things in 
> their life, as long as GNOME is one of those things...
> I'm not even sure I should still be on Planet GNOME (even if I'm release

> team member), since most of my posts aren't about GNOME but about the 
> distribution I work on. And I sometime feels those posts could be seen 
> as propaganda for my distribution.
> Regarding what bedhad said, nothing prevent people to read those people 
> blog outside Planet GNOME (like Planet Mono or anything else).

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