Re: GUADEC plans

    This is definitely interesting.  However, we do not have the expertise
    to run such a track.  How about when the call for proposals opens for
    next year, you ask people who actually know about these issues to submit

The FSF can certainly find people who can do this and can help.  I
could go there and give a speech, if that is desirable, but I know
activists in Europe who would do a fine job.

But let's not push this into the mold of a proposal for a track.  On
the one hand, that presupposes a format which may not be the most
effective way to do this work.  On the other hand, inviting a proposal
falls short of actually deciding to do this campaign.

My proposal is that GUADEC should decide to use its influence to
support this campaign.  The details of how can be decided later,
with the FSF's help.

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