Re: GNOME and KDE to Co-locate Flagship Conferences on Gran Canaria in 2009

Dave Neary skrev:


Silver for Guadec is at 5.000€.

  Mikael Hallendal


Slight correction to the numbers...

Quim Gil wrote:
GUADEC Cornerstone = aKademy Platinum = 25.000€
Gold is same in both = 15.000€
Silver is same in both = 5.000€

Silver is €7,500 for GUADEC and has been since last year, I believe.

aKademy has also Bronze = 1.000€

Do the math and put 3 levels at 50.000€, 30.000€ and... 5.000€

I'd prefer €40,000, €25,000 and €7,500 (this year GUADEC didn't have a
cornerstone sponsor, after all, we don't want to price ourselves out of
the market). Even at that, between 7,500 and 25,000 there's a lot of
water - you'd probably persuade a couple who would otherwise choose
7,500 to move up to 15,000 if there was a level there.

Looking at the past editions of both events, reasonable candidates for
a Gold are Nokia, Novell, Canonical the Linux Foundation and perhaps
Google. One of them to be pushed to the top level. There are some
GUADEC silvers that could be tempted to upgrade to gold.

And looking at current opportunities, other candidates for sponsorship
pitches might be LiMo, Motorola, Marvell, Freescale, ...

It would be also reasonable to think that more silvers might appear
since we are getting more new ones in every GUADEC and most of the
current sponsors repeat. The whole mobile stuff might bring new names
e.g. those around the LiMo foundation.

We think alike, kimosabe.

Conclusion: same or more money to be invested with less organizational
costs (thanks to sharing instead of doubling overheads) --> more money
to sponsor contributors from more remote places and work better on the
social side of the events.

And yet... taking those levels at face value and looking at the sponsor

Akademy raised 25,000 + 2*15,000 + 5,000 + 1,000 this year - grand
total: 61,000.

GUADEC raised 3*15,000 + 14*(7,500 or 5,000) - for a grand total of
150,000 or 115,000 (depending on what the Silver level was).

So roughly double.

By pooling resources, it seems to me like GNOME will inevitably be
contributing more to the pot, and drawing more from the pot... but will
we end up getting 2/3rds of the resources? It seems unlikely to me that
this will Just Happen without some major discussion.


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