GUADLAC - GNOME Users And Developers Latin American Conference

Once upon a time two crazy Mexican hackers thinking about the way to
make the ugly Linux interface more user friendly for the users so they
devised a project called GNOME, the project grew and even left his birth
country to find some care beyond the ocean, but never forgot his
roots... Now the time has come to return home.

The idea of a Latin American version of the GUADEC born in 2004, on that
time the board of directors of the GNOME Foundation approved his
realization but some problems prevented that was carried out, then in
2006 there was another fruitless attempt, but now, with the support of
the government of the state of veracruz the time has come to make it

So on the advice of Behdad (personal message) and Dave[1] and besides,
being in total agreement with Alan Cox's opinion[2] :)

It is my pleasure to inform you all that first GUADLAC (GNOME Users And
Developers Latin American Conference) will be held in Veracruz, MX in
the 1st quarter of 2009 (almost sure in march), therefore respectfully
request the support of the GNOME Foundation and all the GNOME Community
to help make it a success.

Unfortunately I could not attend the GUADEC in istanbul as i wished, 
I know many others, like me, would like to share with you right now,
that is why I think it is important to carry out GUADLAC. Ideally, the
GUADLAC will have the same mechanics that GUADEC, it will be a yearly
conference and, if it is possible and there are people interested, the
host will change every year as in GUADEC.

Right now the website ( has almost nothing, but you would
find more info very soon.

Hope I can count with your support.

Miguel Angel López Hernández
(Another Mexican crazy that loves GNOME)

[1] [2]

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