Re: GUADLAC - GNOME Users And Developers Latin American Conference

    Once upon a time two crazy Mexican hackers thinking about the way to
    make the ugly Linux interface more user friendly for the users so they
    devised a project called GNOME,

That story isn't accurate.  The purpose of GNOME was not about making
things "more user friendly", and it has nothing particularly to do
with Linux.  (Linux has no user interface.)

The reason GNOME was started is that the GNU Project was looking for a
way to counter the danger of the non-free library Qt which was at the
base of KDE.  We started two projects to deal with that: Harmony,
which was a free replacement for Qt, and GNOME, which was a
replacement for KDE too.  (Nowadays Qt is free software, but that
wasn't true in 1997.)

So this is one project that was started expressly for the sake of

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