Re: hiring Stormy Peters as executive director

    'Here's a specific example of something I like about the GNOME 
    community. It's important to them that things be "beautiful." I put 
    beautiful in quotes because I think the GNOME community means much more 
    than pretty when they say "beautiful." I think they mean:

	* Pretty. The desktop, your user interface, should look nice. It 
    should be beautiful.
	* Easy to use. Functional. When things flow smoothly and everything 
    is in just the right spot, right where you expect to find it, it's 
	* Done right. When things are coded right and they are reliable 
    functional, easy to figure out, they are beautiful.

I wouldn't disagree with any of those desiderata, but there are two
more that no list of GNOME desiderata should omit: freedom and social

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