hiring Stormy Peters as executive director

Hi, all-

It is my pleasure to announce that the Board has decided to hire
Stormy Peters as Executive Director of the Foundation. We've been in
talks with her for some time and feel that she has an ideal
combination of skills and background to fill the role, having been
involved with GNOME and with the open source business community for a
long time. For the fuller story on her bio, check out the press
release, linked blow.

Stormy's responsibilities will include (among other things)
strengthening and growing the GNOME Foundation's infrastructure,
working with the Board of Directors, Advisory Board members, GNOME
membership, and other GNOME supporters to create an awesome free and
open source desktop that is easy to use and provide a strong
development platform, and accelerating the adoption of GNOME and
strengthening the Foundation by attracting new industry members and
community contributors. No small task but we think she's up to it.

If you're in Istanbul this week, please say hi to Stormy and welcome
her on  board. If you're not in Istanbul, well, feel free to welcome
her on list or ask questions as well (though of course we're several
hours ahead of many of you, so we might not be as prompt as usual.)

Looking forward to this new era for the Foundation-
Luis and the Board

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