Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="Alvaro Lopez Ortega">

> Jeff Waugh wrote, On 13/09/07 11:43:
>  > > The planet is not a newspaper or a magazine, it is just a planet.
>  > > That censorship / editorial line idea doesn't make any sense to me.
>  >
>  > I hope that this is a similar effect to that of great design -- you
>  > don't notice the editorship because Planet is highly readable and
>  > reflective of the people who are active bloggers in our community. :-)
> Does that mean that if someone isn't an active blogger he has nothing
> interesting to write about every now and then?

That's a pretty bizaare interpretation of what I wrote. :-)

> Besides, that would need someone to be over the good and the bad to make
> the decision of whether a post is worth to be in the planet or not... and
> I'd like to think that nobody would step forward to take over that
> position.

Editorship doesn't mean intrusive oversight of every post. It means there's
a benchmark for inclusion. I'm summarising how I go through that decision at
the moment [1].

- Jeff

[1] I did tell myself not to get involved in the discussion and just post
this once I'd finished it, but I didn't want to let the conversation go off
the rails with all the conspiracy theory crap.

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