Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?

<quote who="Gregory Leblanc">

> While this is all technically true, I think it's somewhat misleading,
> based on my recollections, and what I could find in a brief browse of
> the mailing list archives.
> There was much clearer leadership in the community then, but I do not
> believe that the community came to a conclusion that we would cede
> development of a GNOME office to  My impression of what
> happened was more that the community never got a cohesive and
> self-sustaining effort going to make a GNOME Office suite happen.

It certainly wasn't a consensus, or a clear "decision", but the energy of
popular thought in the community along with decreased investment led to us
ceding our office/productivity leadership at the time to We
were actually well ahead, but had the weight of existing
features, code and commercial interest. Thinking about it in those terms, I
regret it even more.

- Jeff

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