Re: Candidacy Announcement for the 2007 GNOME Board Election: George Kraft

    Heh, then should a question be whether you're a member of the FSF?
    Sometimes what is good for the FSF isn't good for GNOME and vice versa.

Neither of those two is the right basis to decide what we should do.

Companies have no goal beyond what is "good for them", so that is what
they aim for.  The Free Software Foundation and the GNOME Foundation
should aim beyond that.  The FSF aims to promote free software and the
freedoms that it gives to users.  I hope members of the GNOME
Foundation board will also aim explicitly for this goal, and proudly
say so.  It's not a conflict of interest, because that was the original
purpose of starting GNOME, and should continue to be its goal.

I hope to see candidates that explicitly state their intention to work
to make GNOME a bulwark of freedom, as well as to make it a success.

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