Re: Re-considering expectnation web service

Sorry, I understood Expectnation solved the issue of the registration
payments and related accounting. This is one of the main pita and
critical areas organizing GUADEC. For Vilanove we developed a custom
made application that made the trick at some extent but was really
hard to be reused in further events.

If the registration payments are problematic to handle in Turkey a
possibility would be to handle them in the USA directly through the
Foundation, perhaps with the exception of Turkish participants that
could use an internal channel to avoid moving money accross the
borders. The event organization relies mostly on the money from
sponsors and the registratioon bit hasn't been critical in the past
years afaik.

If this bit is solved then all the rest can be solved either improving
the current Drupal website or interfacing with preexisting
modules/apps used by or whoever willing to collaborate
(in Vilanova there was some discussion about using the soft developed
for the W3C activities but after some mails nothing happened at the

Baris, your list of features can we accomplished with Drupal alone.
Some of them might require some extra work but as someone said perhaps
it can be contracted if you don't find any volunteers. Or you can
always drop the extra improvements that are not that essential and
concentrate on the couple of things that really matter.

Quim Gil ///

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