Re-considering expectnation web service


As we announced GUADEC 2008 venue and dates, we should move on with new
web page and program committee. 

Currently we're using Drupal as CMS on Although it is
convenient if you want to use web page only for announcements but it
lacks functional bits like Registration Management, CfP and Schedule
preparing/announcement etc. 

It's better to have these functionality on web page with software as we
discussed earlier. These kind of applications will need maintenance and
tuning for our needs. 

Some people also suggested expectnation[1] web service, which is backed
by Edd Dumbill. Followers of Planet GNOME would remember his blog posts
about it.

While I was talking with Rob Bradford about last year's registration
management system, which he used himself - he advised me to consider
expectnation which they got an offer for free license. 

I've talked with Edd Dumbill afterward in order to know if their offer
is still valid. Which he replied positively, however they can't give
same level of support they give to regular customers. He created a demo
account for me to play with, and I have to admit that it has a real plus
for organization. None of the applications I've checked were detailed as

Barring strong objections from the community, I think it would be much
more easier to maintain GUADEC 2008 website and will ease job of program
committee also some other conference stuff. 

Even though it's a proprietary service, Edd Dumbill pledged to give any
data related with GUADEC in standard formats (xml, sql etc.), for me
this will be adequate to feel free to use it. 

Major pros of expectnation for us are: 
- Easy scheduling of talks, and streamline review process for proposals
- Registration management having binding with Paypal 
- Better content management of web page. 

Baris Cicek


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