Re: Re-considering expectnation web service

On Sun, 2007-12-30 at 14:21 -0500, John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-12-30 at 18:28 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > On sam, 2007-12-29 at 00:35 +0000, Baris Cicek wrote:
> > > Currently we're using Drupal as CMS on Although it is
> > > convenient if you want to use web page only for announcements but it
> > > lacks functional bits like Registration Management, CfP and Schedule
> > > preparing/announcement etc. 
> > 
> > Drupal has many, many modules implementing various features, and I would
> > be very surprised if it couldn't do what you want. Just look at
> > Event-related modules, they may match your case:
> >
> > 
> > And then, if assembling Drupal modules together is too much work (it may
> > be), or if you miss a bit of custom PHP code, you could just ask on
> > for some professional help. IMHO, this
> > is much more in line with GNOME's ideals.
> > 
> > 	Xav
> While I agree with Edd that the conference organizer's job is not to
> build web systems it is the Foundation Board's job to seek out solutions
> which both fit the need and are in-line with the community's
> expectations and values.  It is clear that there are other solutions
> available and we need to consider them.  
And whatever we do we need to do it quickly. I want to make first look
of new site to be ready on mid-January. On guadec-local list we're
getting help from designers for a new look of web site. Worst case is to
polish current design a little bit and use it. 

On infrastructure part maintenance should be job of some volunteer and
anyone having skill on Drupal are very welcome for this job. I have no
idea which bits from we can get, 

I would be happy to see such volunteer work on this area. Past two
GUADECs we somehow managed to live with current system. However my
concerns with this system was due to feedback from previous organizers.
It is obvious that we need to improve it more. 

> Can we get a detailed list from the conference committee on what their
> requirements are for such a system so that the board members may discuss
> this at the upcoming meeting?  I will push for an action item to get
> someone to evaluate the different options, report back to the board and
> make a decision in a timely manner.
I would happily delegate this action to someone having time to donate on
this task as I stated above. Whatever system we use one problem will
still persist, which is how to transfer money for registration. As far
as I realized neither Paypal nor Google Checkout transfers money to
Turkey. I was hoping that expectnation would provide this service
itself, but it's not doing that. We will need to solve it with some
other way before registrations are open. 

Basically what we need are the following features: 

- Submit paper, letting review by program committee, and host/announce
those papers/presentations about it, and maybe videos later on. 

- Registration should be streamlined / who is paid, how, and at which
level should be manageable. 

- Schedule should be clearly viewed. 

And what would be good to have are:

- Efficient content management should exist, like attaching documents,
maybe wikified pages etc. Possibility to post news, maybe forum-like
conference time discussion fields. 

- Features like newsletter subscription, RSS feeds etc. 

- Personal calendars for subscribers for them to make their own
watch-list during conference.

If we can do most of it with Drupal it is better, but we need someone to
work on it as soon as possible. 

Baris Cicek

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