Re: Re-considering expectnation web service

On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 19:47 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-12-29 at 00:35 +0000, Baris Cicek wrote:
> Sure, one should feel free to apply the Free Software approach to it and
> go write a free one, but doesn't mean GUADEC 2008 shouldn't use the
> current solutions.

I say we put building a registration/scheduling system on the board's
agenda this year.  Perhaps we should also bring it up at the next board
meeting before any decisions are made regarding Istanbul.  The last
GUADEC saw many people weary of the Online Desktop initiative.  This
shows that a number of people attending GUADEC might have an issue with
the proprietary web service registration requirement.  It may also raise
alarms with FUD seekers.  A question I have is, is Edd's stuff all
proprietary or is it Open Source code in which he provides a service
over (i.e. Source Forge like)?  If that was the case I wouldn't even
mind paying for Edd's services.

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com>

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