The Final Logo for GNOME Asia Summit

Hi all,

Thanks for everyone's support, we finally got 307 votes on the logos of GNOME Asia Summit. The winner is : Bamboo + GNOME logo carved on rounded Asia stamp. Please click below link to get more detail information:

This logo is meaningful :
1. The color green means grow and looks spunky. Green is our way to go;
2. It has Asia feature. Bamboo means successively and hand over hand in Asia;
3. It is suitable to print in T-shirt and brochure.

Congratulations to the designer Diki, you will get free register to GNOME Asia Summit 2008! We also appreciate Behnam's support and design, your logos are really artistic designs.


Notes: The logo need some minor modifications based on the brand guidelines. . Thanks for Jeff and Duffy's suggestions.

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