Re: Vote the logo for GNOME Asia Summit -- Deadline is 9th Dec, 2007

<quote who="Máirín Duffy">

> > These are all really cool -- it was hard to choose a favourite to vote
> > for!
> > 
> > Minor comment: Once you've chosen the style, please fix the text to use
> > the GNOME logo typeface (modified Trebuchet MS Bold, see the M)
> Actually it's Bitstream Vera Sans Bold modified. :)

Yeah -- I was just about to mail you about updating the brand book, as I
realised I was talking crap after referring to it. ;-) The SVG booklet you
made is delicious, and with improved pango/pdf code since last year, we can
now publish it as a PDF nicely... Then the Foundation can finally bless it
for reals! :-)

If you need a hand, or have any open questions before nailing it down, let
me know.

- Jeff

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