Re: Vote the logo for GNOME Asia Summit -- Deadline is 9th Dec, 2007

<quote who="Emily Chen">

> Please vote your favorite logo for GNOME Asia Summit from here :
> Thanks for Yang Hong's great help on build this vote system!
> We will announce the final logo on Monday, the winner will get free 
> registration to GNOME Asia Summit, Beijing 2008.

Ni hao,

These are all really cool -- it was hard to choose a favourite to vote for!

Minor comment: Once you've chosen the style, please fix the text to use the
GNOME logo typeface (modified Trebuchet MS Bold, see the M) from the SVGs on
the Brand Guidelines page <>, and the
subtype font should be Bitstream Vera Sans Roman.


- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
    Markets are what you sell bubbly health drinks, fluorescent blow up
                furniture and mobile phone ring melodies to.

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