Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?

ma., 03.12.2007 kl. 13.43 -0500, skrev Richard Stallman:
> > I don't recall that any candidate explicily rejected supporting the free
>     > software movement by means other than improving the attractiveness and
>     > success of GNOME.  But several candidates answered in a way that seemed to
>     > pointedly imply a rejection of any such form of support for the community.
>     I answered about the success of GNOME, mostly because I didn't read what you
>     now raise as the point of your original question.
> I'm sorry I expressed myself badly before.  Now the point has
> been clarified.  How do you think the GNOME Foundation (and GNOME)
> should try to help the broader free software movement, beyond
> the contribution which GNOME makes by being successful free software?

I don't presume to think I know how Jeff would answer your question but
in my opinion we should do that by crediting all the free software that
GNOME's success is dependent on in addition to advocating other free
software where GNOME doesn't provide a solution. Or for that matter
where users don't get what they want from our software.

Clearly GNOME wouldn't be successful without the groundwork from other
free software projects like

- linux/*BSD and other kernels
- glibc
- gcc
- mozilla/firefox
- GNU crypto libraries
- autoconf, automake, make
- gettext
- Xorg and most of the other freedesktop projects
- Gtk+/glib

and probably countless others that I've forgotten.


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