Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?

    > Some candidates answered my question it by stating the intent to
    > contribute to the community through the development of GNOME
    > itself--and in no other way.

    I didn't say "and in no other way".

When I say "If someone's drowning, and you know how to swim, and he's
not Bush, then you have a duty to save him," in a strict logical sense
that makes no statement about Bush.  However, everyone gets the
implicit point that Bush would not deserve to be saved.

I don't recall that any candidate explicily rejected supporting the
free software movement by means other than improving the
attractiveness and success of GNOME.  But several candidates answered
in a way that seemed to pointedly imply a rejection of any such form
of support for the community.  They listed various ways of helping the
free software movement, all through making GNOME more attractive and
successful.  To me, it seems to imply that they reject the idea that a
project such as GNOME ought to try to help the movement other than
through maximizing the project's own success as software.

I'm glad to know that isn't how you see the matter.

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