Re: Special GNOME event in California next week

    I use the:

	    GNOME / KDE / SAMBA / / PHP / /
	    Python / Apache foundation / / Perl / [and 10,000 other
	    packages ] / GNU / Linux as packaged by the huge communities of
	    contributors to Gentoo / Debian / Fedora / and even *BSD /
	    OpenSolaris / [ and 160 more ] operating system.


    Linux has long been a code word for the entire movement.

To the extent it is the code word for point of view, that would be the
open source point of view, which Torvalds supports -- not the free
software movement.


							     No one is
    ignorant of the role that the GNU bits play, and they appreciate it.

Lots of people think they know the role of GNU, and they
systematically underestimate it.  Your words "the GNU bits" suggest
you may share that underestimated picture.


    frankly, trying to insist on inserting your name is asinine.

I am not insisting, I'm asking you and others to do the right thing.
We launched the system's development, and we contributed more
than any other project.  Don't we deserve equal mention?

    When I pointed this out when giving a keynote 18 months ago at a major
    Free Software conference, I got a spontaneous standing ovation:

Your audience probably included many who don't know what the GNU
Project has done.  Launching GNOME is one of the major tasks we did --
and we did it all for your freedom.

Why do so many in our community underestimate our work?  My theory is
that this is the result of hearing most people call the system
"Linux".  Calling it "GNU/Linux" is the way to change that.


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