Special GNOME event in California next week

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed a new teaser on the front page of www.gnome.org
today - it's about an event we're holding next Thursday, April 19th in Santa
Clara, California, USA.

If you're a GNOME lover living nearby, come down to see us. There will be a
bunch of hackerly GNOME folks there, and a special announcement at 9am. You
are invited! :-)

  CELF Embedded Linux Conference
  Network Meeting Center
  5201 Great America Parkway
  Santa Clara CA. 95054

Those paying close attention over the last 12 months will have a fair idea
what this is about, but please resist the temptation to reply to this post
about it, as we're hoping to keep it under wraps until Thursday. :-)


- Jeff

A Stream of Numbers. See you there.     37.40629 -121.97653 2007 04 19 09 07

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